We have helped over 100 leading Outdoor Power Equipment distributors worldwide expand their existing product range with highly profitable specialty products. Test

Value proposition to manufacturer
Due to our extensive network of contacts and customers, Advex International is able to perform the job of a full-time export sales manager cheaper, faster, and more effectively. Our ability to split travel costs among a select group of complementary manufacturers allows them to enjoy more frequent contact with their customers and capitalize on opportunities that they could not

Simply put, we know people who know people who know people- on a global level. We currently sell in over 30 of the world's largest markets for power equipment.
Our strategic location- 30 minutes west of Washington DC, and a one-hour drive of three major airports- puts us within an 8-hour non-stop flight to multiple European airports.

Case Studies
  • We increased the export sales of one of our clients from 0 to 10% of their business in one year.
  • We helped another double their long-standing export business in two years.
  • Within three months, we penetrated a large European market- that our client had unsuccessfully attempted to enter for a decade- with a six-figure order.

    If you would like to learn more about the products we represent, please contact us, and someone from our sales team will gladly assist you.

    Europe/Middle East/Africa: eume@advexinc.com

    Asia/Australia/New Zealand: pac@advexinc.com

    America Latina/Caribe: esp@advexinc.com

    If you are a manufacturer interested in partnering with Advex International to handle your international sales more efficiently, please contact bizdev@advexinc.com.